About Moshe Samuel Hendizadeh, MD

Moshe Samuel Hendizadeh, MD

Neurologist and Neurophysiologist

Dr. Moshe Samuel Hendizadeh is a board certified neurologist with ample experience and a resounding passion for the field of neurology. He is an LA native who has spent the greater part of the last several years studying and practicing healthcare at Harbor-UCLA.

He earned his B.A. from UCLA, graduating magna cum laude, and then his medical degree from Chicago Medical School. Thereafter, he completed his neurology residency at Harbor UCLA, and continued on in neurophysiology. He was the Chief Resident in his final year of residency.

Dr. Hendizadeh is exceptionally passionate about his field of practice, as his father suffers from Parkinson’s Disease and part of the reason why he choose neurology as his speciality. Having witnessed the struggles of this illness, he wants to help each patient as if he/she is a member of his family.

Dr. Hendizadeh specializes in myriad areas, including, electroencephalogram, electromyography, and nerve conduction studies and administration of botox injections. Holding a special interest in movement disorders, Dr. Hendizadeh completed several months in movement disorders at UCLA during his residency. He is well versed in said realms of medicine; and thereby offers a wide breadth of knowledge and experience to his patient care.

Dr. Hendizadeh’s training in neurophysiological disorders ignites a passion for treatment that pushes him to offer remarkable patient care. As neurology is an ever-changing area of practice, Dr. Hendizadeh continuously puts forth strong efforts to keep up with new treatments, innovations, and discoveries.

About Dr. Moshe Samuel Hendizadeh

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Clerkship Award for outstanding academic achievement in Neurology Magna Cum Laude

Dopaminergic Treatments for Parkinson's Disease​